Honda Recalls

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If your Honda vehicle has a recall, don’t panic! All you have to do is bring your vehicle to our dealership in Hampton Roads along with your recall notice, and we’ll take care of the rest. Take a deeper look at what a Honda recall is and what to do if you have one with the experts at Casey Honda.

What Is a Recall?

A recall is when an automotive manufacturer deems that a certain model has a malfunctioning part or issue that could cause an accident on the roads of of Newport News. If this happens, the manufacturer issues a recall, which states that all drivers of that model should have the malfunctioning part or issue serviced. When this happens, the manufacturer will send you a notice via first-class mail. Sometimes, you may not get that mail if you recently moved or if you bought the specific model pre-owned from a previous driver. Don’t worry if you don’t get your recall notice in the mail. If you’re curious whether your Honda vehicle has a recall or not, there are ways to check its recall status.

How to Check Your Honda Vehicle’s Recall Status

To check your Honda vehicle’s recall status, go to the Honda recall lookup page on Honda’s website. Once you’re there, you’ll have two ways to look up whether your vehicle has a recall or not:

  • VIN: Your vehicle identification number (VIN) has all of the specific information relating to your Honda vehicle. Just enter this number on the Honda recall lookup page in the VIN section, and hit “Check for Recalls”. You can usually find your VIN on the driver’s side door frame or on a stamp near the windshield. You can also find the VIN in your owner’s manual.
  • Vehicle Year & Model: If you can’t find your VIN, just enter the year and model of your vehicle, and hit “Check for Recalls”.

How Much Does Recall Service Cost?

As long as you take your vehicle to a certified Honda dealership, recall service won’t cost you anything as the manufacturer covers all specified recall services. So, if your vehicle has a recall, bring it over to our service center in Newport News, show our technicians your recall notice, and our experts will take care of the rest. While recall services are 100% no cost to you, you can also take advantage of our ongoing service specials when you service your Honda vehicle at Casey Honda.

Schedule Honda Recall Service in Newport News!

If you have a Honda recall, contact us to schedule a time to have your vehicle serviced. We’ll take care of any Honda recall service your vehicle needs and have you back out on the road in no time at all.